all-in-one webcam studio

WebCamStudio Cam Splitter

WebCamStudio an all-in-one webcam mini studio for Windows!
Compared to other webcam splitters, you have a webcam mini studio application with many practical functions. The virtual 'WebcamStudio Video Source' driver makes your webcam available to several programs at the same time. WebCamStudio works with several levels and blends them into a data stream.
So you can freely compose the output video image from different image and video sources. Use the picture-in-picture functions and display pictures, videos or your Windows desktop. By using the chroma key filter, you can use the so-called green / blue screen effect and act in front of a virtual background. If necessary, you can use the overlay function to display a logo in the video stream. And finally, you can take SnapShots and record videos for later use.

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